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Originally Posted by Signman View Post
A1200s sell for much more here in the states, Anakirob. Check ebay over here.
I will be testing the waters shortly.
heh, they are also expensive in Australia, that's why I bought mine from the UK. The UK or maybe Germany or France were by far the largest markets for the Amiga, so looking in those regions should yield the cheapest and/or most upgraded second-hand machines.

My advice to all my American cousins who may be seeking to purchase a second hand A1200 would be to include all international sellers in your search, as you may find that obtaining a European model of A1200 to be far cheaper than obtaining a local model.

The keyboard will have the wrong graphics on the keys for the US keymap, which as an Australian I also use. But the Amiga has pretty much the standard US PC keyboard layout so you shouldn't have too much trouble locating characters like "$" and "@".

And a EU power supply will not have the same voltage as a US power supply, and I'm not real sure how well they would work with 120V, as we use 240V here in AU. But then there are numerous tutorials on converting a standard PSU into an Amiga PSU, although be warned you may have to cannibalise the official power brick for the connector.

Sorry for going off-topic, but I had to relate my experiences finding second-hand Amigas on eBay as it was relevant to the quoted statement.
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