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Its worth noting that many older games won't run on the A1200 as they are not compatible with kickstart 3.0/3.1. I think Thundercats is one of those so your disks may be fine. The cheapest way to run the older games is to obtain a relokick disk which downgrades to kickstart 1.3 like the A500 had. The other way to run the older games is via WHDload but then you will need more memory and a CF drive which will cost you at least another £150.

Where about in the UK are you? If someone is local to you they could take a look at your machine and maybe assist with testing etc.
Darn it, oh well Thundercats is not a very good game anyway so hey ho... I live in North Essex if anyone is local to me? One of my old mates had an Amiga 600 many moons ago and the games he had were pretty cool so I wonder which games will play on the 600 but not the 1200?

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