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Thought I might as well budge in on this one.
Hello everyone!

I subscribed to DMZ in the late 80s/early 90s and still have all issues from 1-88 to 5-91 in the olde Amiga closet. They are in semi-pristine condition (Most of them are only read once or twice, but 15 years have taken its toll and some are very yellowed - kinda like my teeth ).

I've been thinking about scanning them for a while, but since it is such a monster scan job, I simply cannot be arsed to do it. Also, scanning on anything below an A3 scanner would mean lots of additional work in terms of aligning partial scans.

So, if anyone with an A3 scanner (or a lot of spare time) is up for some serious scanning slavery, I would be happy to donate the mags in exchange for the scans.

I could do the latest issues (they changed from tabloid to magazine format somewhere 1990-91) if there's any call for it.
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