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Right I tested 2 games - Art of Chess which loaded fine and Thundercats which just went to DOS and hung (but it worked ok on my old Amiga 500). You're probably right Jon, its probably been stored for many a year and not seen the light of day and needs a little TLC to get it running correctly and back to its best. And the guy who sold it was a property clearance chap who just wanted it gone on the cheap to create more space.

I have looked at recapping it (sadly my soldering skills are rather bad) but I just wanted to make sure it was working before committing to any other repairs/upgrades.

Signman, 1200s over here in Blighty regularly go for around £150 to £300 for working ones so they are not a cheap console and I was rather gobsmacked when he said he was selling it for £15 but I thought 'hell yeah lets go for it'

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