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HELP: Winuae and Up Board/lattepanda

Hi guys, I have this card-sized PC with Windows 10 installed. The specs aren't "great" but almost good for a retrogaming use (cpu Atom X5 8350 quad core, 4gb Ram). I'm trying to use it with Winuae 3.4 64bit but I have some problem:
1- no fullscreen: if I would like to have a full screen sized picture I have to select full-window from the display tab
2- when loading a whdload games the audio isn't good: I have tried to increase the audio buffer to 10 but still some games aren't good as Aladdin Aga.

Can you suggest me a good Winuae setup for this pc ?
Will i have to use a previous version of Winuae ?

Thank you.
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