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Originally Posted by GNRfan79 View Post
I am all up for upgrading and improving it considering I didn't pay much for it so I am open to suggestions like usb and internal cf card.
I will leave your other questions for another user, as I cannot really give you an answer to all your questions, such as setting up a decent OS without writing a short novel. but I can answer this one easily.

An internal HD is something that many A1200's did not have fitted as standard because they were quite expensive back in the early 90's. But now that some time has passed they are very cheap and you definitely want to install one using the A1200's internal IDE port.

A 4GB CF card via an IDE adaptor seems to be the favourite choice of many A1200 users, myself included.

You could buy the adaptor and a blank CF card separately for quite a cheap price, but as you are an Amiga novice I might recommend that you purchase a pre-installed one.

Either a legitimate one from AmigaKit which will require you to have your Workbench disks handy as it needs them for the operating system files which may still be covered by copyright.

Or alternatively you could purchase one of the many legally dubious ones from eBay which are filled with a bunch of pre-installed games and are ready to go.

Also some kind of PCMCIA removable media adaptor can be the best way of transferring data to and from your more modern PC. Again the CF adaptors seem to be the best supported by the Amiga's OS. Once again AmigaKit sell a 'noob friendly' package which includes driver installation script and a CF card which is garunteed to work with the Amiga. But if you're getting more comfortable with the Amiga's OS by this point then eBay has many cheap ones available from China.

But a suitable PCMCIA wi-fi card will work too, just be sure that it's Amiga compatible. There was a user on this very board who had around 2 dozen of these that he was selling, I think he may still have a few available, look in the Marketplace section of EAB.

USB is definitely a desirable feature, but unless you have fitted a processor upgrade, or "accelerator" as we Amiga users call them then you won't really be able to use one of the A1200 USB adaptors anyway. Forget about PCMCIA USB adaptors as I'm fairly sure that they are all unsupported.

Now that I have mentioned processor upgrades I might also point out that you will definitely be needing some more RAM with your accelerator, what computer does not benefit from more RAM? You want at least an additional 8MB of "fast memory", but the more the merrier. 128MB should be able to handle anything you can throw at it, even running the CD32 version of Beneath A Steel Sky from HD.

You could pay a premium price for a second-hand one from ebay, but I would advise against this and instead point you towards Individual computers Who are making brand new accelerator boards to this very day and into the future and will obviously be able to offer much better customer support than some random dude on eBay as well as a competitive price.

There is also a slightly updated "Kickstart ROM", this is kind of like a BIOS on a PC, but that's a crude comparison. Anyway you could upgrade this from version 3.0 to 3.1 if you wanted, it does make things a little easier and more efficient. But on an AGA Amiga such as the A1200 it can be somewhat unnecessary really as 3.0 should suit your gaming needs just fine.

So I believe that covers your queries around what upgrades you want to place a priority on.

You will also be wanting a better OS than the one which comes as standard, but there are numerous packages available and I will allow another user to assist you with this.

I might just add that there is a piece of software called WHDLoad which you will be wanting to use to run all your games from your newly installed hard disk. I totally recommend paying the shareware registration fee as this really is the "killer app" of Amiga gaming. Many pre-installed Amiga HD's will feature this software anyway.

And one last thing. Fifteen quid for a new Amiga 1200 is exactly one tenth of what I paid for my current system. Although mine was in it's original packaging and virtually unused. So you did indeed get your A1200 for a bargain price.
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