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Well it really depends what you mean by read the disk OK.

If you're talking about the other workbench disks, then these aren't bootable. As in you put them in, they won't "boot", they're only readable from within workbench.

So throw the workbench disk back in and when it loads up, put another disk in and see if it reads.

Have you tried a game disk by any chance? How did that go? As long as the disk actually works, then it should be OK. If it only went to the DOS screen, I'd sooner blame the game itself.

Next step I would try is getting hold of a known-good set of game disks of some description. If I still had my Amiga set up, I would happily send you a copy of something to try out, maybe another forum member can help out? But the fact it's physically loading workbench is a good thing! It means it likely works. Alternatively, see what you can do in terms of downloading an ADF and transferring it to the Amiga and writing it off.

If you can test a game and all is OK, I would next look at taking it apart and checking the board over for leaking caps or batteries. Given it's on 3.0 and was only £15, I'd wager it's probably been in a loft, garage or shed for some time and may need cleaning up or even recapping. Worth checking to ensure longevity of the machine.
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