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Nice deal! Well, getting it to Workbench is a good sign, the machine seems to be working, and depending on what you want to do with it, that's as fully set up as you might need. Did you boot Workbench from floppy disk, or did the Workbench screen show up without any disks in the drive? If it didn't need the floppy, it has some sort of internal storage that you can explore on the Workbench screen. If you booted from floppy, all you'll have is the basic desktop. You can fit an internal CF card that makes it boot very quickly and can contain hundreds of games if that's what you want to do with it, though it'll probably require some extra RAM if that's the case. You could also replace the floppy drive with a floppy drive emulator that reads disk images from a USB flash drive and lets the machine run as if you'd inserted the floppies yourself.
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