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I would have appreciate to continue this interesting starting thread, but i quit the forum so i can only reply brievly. Plausible reason indeed! Maybe to protect the disks against resident viruses in memory that can damage a not protected disk on startup only? The player would run the protected disk, the virus would be killed by the game code (ram cleanup) and would unprotect the disc just in time to save hiscores, then reprotect the disk again. In principle, a player would never choose "off" is "on" is avaible, we all wanted to save our scores. But recent events proved me that the most weird tastes are in human nature so who knows lol. Members here will certainly add extra suggestions, a word that i won't dare to prononciate anywhere here.

Concerning WhdLoad now, i would say it's complementary to floppy disks (or Gotek/HxC) and can't replace them totally if you want a full experience (and i know what i mean since i have 2000 cracked floppies, 1500 original ones and also 2500 games on whdload too). Old school spirit first, then materialized item (the floppy itself) and cracktros (a great feeling). Floppy noise add also to the pleasure. Same stuffs than purchased mp3 and a real cd-a, to dematerialize the support doesn't content some people fully because of an abstraction non tangible unpleasant feeling (the young generation is almost totally unsensible to this, they grew up with dematerialized stuffs).

Cheers and have a great dialog here on this thread and others!

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