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Not to disparage their efforts, but as a punk rock aficionado I am slightly disappointed by their "wussy" sound.

Not that their's anything wrong with their music, just that it does not kick enough arse for my punk rock and hardcore sensibilities, as their songs are infinitely more like The Pixies than Black Flag. And while The Pixies have many fans I am not one of them, they are a bit slow and boring for my tastes.

In my opinion Organ Grinder did the whole "Amiga Punk" thing much better with their 2012 release "September Twelve", certainly with a lot more balls that's for sure. But then I would say that, I was the keyboard player.

Once again, I'm not disparaging their efforts, just pointing out that you may be disappointed if you're expecting "punk" to sound like I was expecting "punk" to sound. (My music collection features artists like Henry Rollins and Steve Albini quite heavily)

But using an Amiga as the rhythm section is admirable, more bands should do it, and I respect Paula Powered as musicians

It's just not my "cup-o-tea", and I was a bit disappointed when I was expecting a loud, brash, fast punk song to grab me by the balls and got something entirely different.

I much prefer Big Black [ Show youtube player ] They were a Punk/Hardcore band with computerised rhythm section.

*edit update
I have actually been in touch with Paula Powered via FaceBook and am planning on interviewing them for my project as well as covering their upcoming release..
So obviously even though I won't be listening to their EP much, I will still ultimately recommend them to people who are into that kind of music. And I sincerely wish them the best of luck with the sale of their CD.

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