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I always think that's a bit of a cop out..
If you don't want people to redistribute it, there are licenses for that..
If you release it for anyone to do anything, and then later say "Oh, but please don't charge for it.."
That's not on them, that's on you..

My guess is that it stopped in development because he got bored. He already had it working..
The other stuff is just fluff..

I'm glad he did it. I use it. (I didn't buy it flashed; I did that myself.)
But people selling it on e-bay or Amigakit (who is great for the Amiga community to still have around!!) is not a reason for him to stop..

That said, I'm also glad HxC is around, and will probably move to that pretty soon..
(Want to figure out how to do the LCD mod first; not sure about the floppy sound mod..)

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