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Originally Posted by Vollldo View Post
Yes, even if i never understood the point to propose it as an option. As a programmer if you want your game save highscores then just do it. If the player doesn't want to save then he just have to keep the disc write protected.
I'm inclined to agree with you on that one. I recall that a number of games I purchased released before '91 featured hi-score saving to the game disk and the manual would usually advise you to use a write-enabled backup copy. While games made after that time almost certainly lacked the feature. I seem to recall Amiga Power among others made the point, why bother keeping score if you are not going to bother to save said scores?

But I'm guessing that publishers did not want to encourage the practice of copying their disks or maybe they were sick and tired of users not following the instructions in the manual and write-enabling the original game disk, which then becomes corrupted and returned to the publisher for replacement.

Anyway, I might like to add that unless you have some reason to use ADF's exclusively, like for example you have a Gotek or similar device installed in your 1.3 A500, then WHDLoad has many advantages over original ADF's even when run from an emulator. It's not quite as 'noob friendly' as specifying which image you want to play, but it's not too hard, and there are many people on EAB willing to assist with this.

And once it has been set-up to your liking then it's actually a more convenient and good looking way to access your Amiga games library.

And as WHDLoad requires KS 2.04 and above then it's safe to say that pretty much all of the old 1.3 only games available for it have been patched to run on ECS and AGA machines.

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