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AmigaGuru's review is up!

For the record, there's no CDXL in the game though my custom format is similar.

Something that Tsak and I have been discussing - some additional minor funding streams to help develop AlarCity would be nice and so we were considering the idea of setting up a Patreon for PixelGlass.. now, we didn't think it would be useful to the community to ask for donations or 'thank you' type perks, so we have a different idea.

We've already developed a few tools for our projects - such as some palette swapping tools and graphic replacement tools we made for Giana SE. But also the Time Gal engine is already very generic, and we could make it completely generic so end users could develop their own games (or ports) using it. And maybe potentially, if the Patreon received enough funding I could justify the development time to add multiple paths, gun aiming (Mad Dog yo) etc. Also in time AlarCity tools could be made available too, such as an animation tool we've designed for the intro sequence.

So in short - a small contribution to the Patreon would give you access to tools that are gradually added over time (say, one-a-month with tutorial and basic support etc), and higher total contributions would allow us to develop those tools further for public use. But we haven't fleshed out the exact details of what we'd offer.

But again, this is only an idea. We're floating it here first to see if reception is warm or cold to the idea.
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