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As I understand it, the Cyclone III already has the ability to talk PCI so a mediator link is a possibility already. Im not sure on the current Logic Element requirement for the Gold2 core but I have read somewhere its around 25K The most expensive Cyclone III listed with 24624 I could find on Mouser was £103 with a MOQ of 81

Im not sure where the team are up to with the 3D core and the extra real estate it will require in logic elements but if we double it to 50k for future work space and have a look up the range The Cyclone IV is able to use up to 4 PCI-E x1 lanes with root port capability BUT the only ones I could see on mouser only had a 200mhz core clock which I guess could be too slow and we start to about £100 with quite large MOQ`s
The C3 and C4 are both end of line and C5 will be the low end. The last C3 in the Vampire already was vastly increased in size to about 40k LE which leaves available room.

Originally Posted by Juz400 View Post
CycloneV is quite an improvement over the IV in I/O and clockspeed.
The GX models also have 4 PCI-E x1 lanes but a host of other protocols too including GBe(ethernet) and SATA 150/300
The prices vary quite a bit across the models £75 (MOQ 1!! ) up to £172 (MOQ 84!!)
The C5 is nice and has a reasonable cost. There are also some LEs saved by built in memory controller(s). The Transeivers are the SerDes I was talking about for PCIe, SATA and Gb ethernet (1 transceiver needed per lane). When I was still on the Apollo Team, I suggested moving to the C5 despite the increase in cost. Availability is going to be good for longer and using fewer FPGA models is simpler. Majsta thought it was important to source as cheap of FPGAs as possible to keep the price as affordable as possible (he lost money on some counterfeit FPGAs off E-bay which doesn't help though). The cost of FPGAs is falling rapidly although pricing varies significantly.
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