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Originally Posted by Anakirob View Post
Could a modern GPU somehow be added for 3D acceleration and other features without actually using it as a display output device? I think that's what you mean by "parallel processing power", but I'm not 100% sure.
A separate gfx card is doing parallel processing (offloads the CPU processing and increases the total system processing power) when used for display. OpenCL and Cuda allow parallel processing units in gfx cards to do non-display parallel processing. This works well where the parallel processing is similar to what the GPU units are doing and latency is not important. The FPGA can provide high speed parallel units similar to what is available in a GPU and also usable by OpenCL. The advantages are flexibility (customizable), potentially more parallelism and potentially reduced latency. Altera (owned by Intel now) has FPGA OpenCL solutions.

No AmigaOS I am aware of provides standard OpenCL support although it would be possible to have a 3rd party add-on solution (worked so well for the Amiga over the years ). As Amiga CPUs become more ancient, relatively slower and less affordable, parallel processing on more modern gfx cards or in FPGAs gives more advantage.

Originally Posted by Anakirob View Post
But then how many Amiga titles actually make use of hardware 3D acceleration anyway?
Most of the Amiga 3D software are older open source PC software ports but there is a lot which could be ported. Unfortunately, the current Amiga situation is not conducive to development or standardization .
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