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Yep, the tags worked fine, it's just quite the setup - as you say, 20 years of adjustment will do that. I've plenty of extra stuff in my scripts too, but for whatever reason they all worked fine.

The parsing routine is relatively simple - it checks each line for an Assign command. When it finds it, it checks if it's commented or not, and then looks at and stores each argument in turn so it can reconstruct them again later with changed parameters. In this way it shouldn't really matter what the structure of the script is, however I have a feeling the extra comments might be confusing it - I don't know how it reacts to having the word "assign" twice in a line for example, which I think may be why you have some assigns show up as a ; instead. Dismount also seems to be incorrectly spotted when it's commented out... But I'll have a look properly later on when I have the code in front of me. I'm particularly puzzled by the "prepend" tag, no idea how it managed to find that!
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