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I remember first time I saw a PSX live late in 1994 or in 1995. It was at a computer show. They had it set up with a huge 40 inch TV with loud CD-quality music and they where running some Ridge Racer compo. There was a huge crowd.

It was imediately clear the first time I saw that game that there was a new standard in videogames. Even thought they only demoed a single game it was clear that what they showed was so fresh and new everything else sucked. Nintendo was still pushing its SNES at the show, hyping Donkey kong land with a huge videowall running interviews with Rare, and I remember a Jaguar styled truck that had some Jaguars but no-one was playing with them! haha... and they even had some CD32's set up for gaming but I dont think Body Blows and Oscars/Diggers made such a huge impact.

Just 4 weeks ago I found that Ridge Racer ISO on the net, its only 4 MB large.
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