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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
Reasons for an adaptor.

1) GPU performance in an FPGA can not match the GPU performance of even a semi-modern gfx card.

2) A gfx card offers more parallel processing power.

3) SAGA currently has no support for 3D.

Reasons against an adapter.

1) Cost.

2) Transferring data through a bus is slower and increases latency.

3) Standardized integrated Amiga 3D gfx may be preferable to add in a FPGA SoC later, especially if planning an ASIC.
Thanks, that explains it pretty well. There are a lot of long and elaborate posts here and the answers were generally not easy to read. One question...

Could a modern GPU somehow be added for 3D acceleration and other features without actually using it as a display output device? I think that's what you mean by "parallel processing power", but I'm not 100% sure.

I can see how that might be a desirable feature.

and one more question...
But then how many Amiga titles actually make use of hardware 3D acceleration anyway?
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