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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
Good to know, thanks for the report!

If you try to do a remove and that doesn't work, it then does a dismount. I've done it that way since a dismount can cause problems for any software using the assign.
I was not referring to those volumes, example:

Mount CD0: (when I need it)
Assign Dismount CD0: (when I want to remove)

Hmmm, NList.mcc is the only 3rd party library you need outside MUI, but it definitely needs MUI itself AROS has Zune built in which works instead, and AFA OS mush have an MUI setup installed too by default...
But you do not need to install all MUI

Test Just Workbench Floppy done (There are all MUI features but works):

- Floppy Workbench 3.1
- Floppy Fonts
- Muimaster.library
- Libs NList

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