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Thanks for very informative reply.

I have some issues when it comes to mapping individual key-commands via the input-panel in 2 player games. I can use the game Blues Brothers as an example. I prefer having the jump button mapped to one of the controller buttons on the gamepad, instead of pressing d-pad up for jumping. Thereby pressing both button 1 and d-pad up triggers the jump function in this game. I also use button 4 on the gamepads for the F7 function, switching players in 2 player mode.

All is well and done as long as I have two controllers plugged in, but as soon as I want to start Blues Brothers in 1 player mode (only connecting one controller), the config somehow forgot that I used button 1 as jump/up as well as up on the d-pad, and I'm forced to jump using d-pad up while playing in 1 player mode.

If I start the game again with two controllers attached however, WinUAE remembers that I use button 1 as up and button 4 as F7 on both controllers. Starting the game without a secondary controller makes the game forget the "special" keymappings for button 1 & button 4.

If I then only use one controller, and remap the then unmapped button 1 as up and the unmapped button 4 as F7, it messes up the config the next time I start 2 player mode with two controllers connected. Then button 1 and button 4 are un-mapped in 2 player mode with two controllers connected.
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