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Permanent means it's part of the Startup-sequence, User-startup or Kickstart (ENV:, DEVS:, L: etc.), and so is present every boot. If it's not permanent, it may have been added manually (e.g. using Assign in a Shell yourself), by another script that the program doesn't scan (e.g. the SDK setup script), or dynamically by some software (e.g. AmiBlitz 3).

Active means it's actually present in the DOS assigns list in memory, so is available for access by software. If it's not active, it won't show up in file requesters or with the Assign Shell command. This can be toggled by double-clicking it.

Enabled means it's in either the Startup-Sequence or User-Startup and is not commented out. If you comment out an assign in the User-Startup for example, it will show up as disabled. You can toggle this state too by double-clicking on the entry.
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