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Originally Posted by majsta View Post
Yes there are about 20 cards there. You can see them working on certain blogs based in Australia also.
(I must confess I did know that there were some, but was hoping for. And got a solid figure: )
Sweet, thanks. I'm not going to name or link my project that I was needing this information for here. But seeing as your answer is so concise I may consider using it as a direct quote in any coverage I give in my Australian ( writing staff are all Aussie, but anyone can read it: ) computer publication about availability and or development of your product.

Now we are primarily a SteamOS operation, but we cater for the kind of gamer who has a games room. So news is still relevant, we would most likely just say a few words about what is currently officially online, as it's only of slight interest, but of interest none the less.

But we are featuring the Amiga heavily in first couple of issues (well, zero and one: ) mainly FS-UAE, but how could we not consider mentioning as much as we know about this in any Amiga feature?

So PM me if you are possibly interested in publicising your product. Thanks.

Oh, and would you be fine being known as "majesta on EAB" or uncomfortable with people reading about how they might be able pester you in a magazine outside of the Amiga community? Whatever name you wish to be known as is fine, but if I'm going to be quoting you I think need to use a name if not location of the original quote. Thanks.
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