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Totally agree Foebane and Ian on the different points, with evolution and higher quality emulation it 'normally' (but not always) means more CPU power on the host and toni has always tried to keep in mind less speedy machines but in the end if you want the best, you machine needs more zest...

Good god, that was cornier than a commercial.

And yes demo's are special beats best served up as near the target specs as possible, obviously if they support FPU's and faster processors that's great but in general due to the way they are programmed they push the machine each and every way so putting it on a wrong spec config is very much more likely to cause issues than most games which are very ordinary in coding methods and designed to work on as many of that machines platforms that exist at the time of programming.

Or as the young folk say, 'keep it real'..

Jesus, that was worse than the last corn...
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