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Disk not validated error WinUAE 3.4.0

Hi folks,
I am using WinUAE for years. The old WinUAE does no longer work on my new computers, due to the 16Bit Colour system, so I upgraded to WinUAE 3.4.0. It worked, o.k. I started my favourite Game (Bards Tale I), and WHAM !! DISK NOT VALIDATED !! Holy shit, I havent seen this crap error since I ceased using my old Amiga 2000 because of it ! It never happened on old WinUAE, but this error is fatal by destroying the disk images, and I have no idea how to overcome it. Someone knows how to set up WinUAE to get rid of it ?

Please do not remind me on Disksalv, Disk-Validator or Antivirus, I know that all, but I want to handle the root, not the symptom.
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