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Automatic stretching support

I don't know if the WinUAE authors read this, but what the heck...

Are there any plans to implement auto hardware stretching like in MAME and other emulators? Yup, I know about the filtering feature but you still have to keep adjusting the screen for different programs. Though filtering makes sound really distorted, even if I increase the sound buffer size. (I'm using a 1.2Ghz t-bird overclocked to 1.4Ghz, and a Radeon 8500 64MB video card.)

Is it possible that it could automatically fill the entire screen? Even STEEM, the Atari ST emulator, does it. But I have to use the "laptop setting" and then "auto-adjust borders" to get it to fill. Too bad it blurs it though, I wonder if it's possible to take that off.

If you do read this, thanks for all the work you've done with WinUAE. It simply rocks. :-)
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