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It's funny, I never remembered this game having any graphic glitch, and now I know why.

I went and did some hardware tests.

First I tested with a 1.3 A500: just the issue you showed, Damien. Glitchy part of logo displayed.
So I then went to the setup I had when I was young, a standard A600. Here, there's no glitch, and no title. So I always thought the game was just like that, with no title screen at all!
Last, I went to my ACA620-powered A600, and true enough, the title showed up.

So something silly must be in the code of this game where only a 020 and up displays that logo. I'm sure someone can fix that, but it's also weird nobody ever noticed. I guess A1200 were so much the norm at the time this disk was released on The One that nobody cared, not even the devs.
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