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Sorry to revive this old thread... But I don't think Payback is on the list and that supports the 4 player adaptor too for its deathmatch mode (though those players will also have to use the keyboard for extra functions such as switching weapons and getting in and out of cars.

As for the 4-player adaptor working for MD pads... It won't (and neither will a CD32 pad for that matter). There is +5V available at the parallel port that you might be able to use. I've connected it in my 4-player adaptor with mixed results - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The parallel's +5V is just a pull-up, so very little current is available, and connecting 2 devices that use +5V might be too much for it, causing neither to work.

The second button things is also a bit of a grey area. I haven't seen an official schematic for 2-button support, or heard of any games that are coded for it. There is only one general I/O pin left that can be used for a 2nd button, after that you need to use some sort of tricks to read the strobe being pulled down or something like that - I never looked into it once the standard CIA pins were all used up.
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