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Originally Posted by plasmab View Post
Because it makes us rage quit eventually. Thats why.
Get a punching bag. Seriously though, you are blessed that Amiga people are interested in what you do. I'm lucky if I get any input on my projects and I'm usually ignored.

Originally Posted by grelbfarlk View Post
I just think having a somewhat fast, expandable, cheap bus would be nice for big box Amigas. Right now we have the option of the sort of fast, very expensive and rare Grex or the slow (to motherboard and accelerator slot), reasonably priced and common Mediator.
You have a good and reasonable idea. A fast bus with a gfx card would be many times faster than an FPGA 64 bit SIMD without floating point for 3D. The added cost would likely be less than double (and still affordable for a big box accelerator card). An FPGA with SerDes could be used for SATA also. I don't see any big dreaming here. Actually, it seems more reasonable than creating and using a CPU in an FPGA for a "personal computer".
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