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Originally Posted by chocsplease View Post

Well I tried to register for an Amibay account last night and got instantly banned. Why? Well according to the email I received from one of their admin staff its because their server does not believe I live in London.

The staff member suggested I email them with proof that I live in London....

Like erm, how? How do you prove you live where you say? I guess I could scan in a bill or something, but anyone could reproduce a fake one in Word in a less than an hour, same for photos...

Looking at forums I'm not the first person this has happened to either <sigh>

Are there any Amibay staff on these forums who can fix this, and fix it permanently?

I'm trying to register as 14amps (well why not?).


What? You got an explaination why they banned you? I registered about two years ago, e-mailed a few times and still don't know anything. I thought amibay admins were a myth
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