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I don't really understand your question. Yes, the low volume parts, will be grainy/noisy/shitty, even if you sample and playback at the highest rate possible on an Amiga. Yes, resolution and sample rate of the samples has to do with it too.
I know Paula is 8-bit, basically meaning up to 256 possible speaker positions, so I know the resolution would be very poor indeed, compared to CD Audio (16-bit, 65536 possible speaker positions).

But even if you had a 16-bit sampler like a Clarity 16, I am inclined to think that as long as you reproduce them with Paula you will run into the same issues.
Of course, because they'd be downgraded (de-rezzed, if you like) from 16-bit to 8-bit. Then again, the 14-bit Paula audio might mitigate that problem a bit.

but I think this is because the Amiga uses pulse width modulation to reproduce audio.
I always heard it was PCM, or Pulse Coded Modulation.
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