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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
I didn't think H&P wrote much but included software they already had like WarpOS and Warp3D.
Warp 3D never was a H&P product. H&P did write some code for 3.9, but nothing essential.

Interesting. So did H&P approach Amiga Inc. or did Amiga Inc. approach H&P about doing an AmigaOS update?
3.5 started out as a Gateway-AmigaInc. project but got shelved and then handed over to H&P. I'm not sure who approached who here.

As for 3.9: Everybody pretty much begged Amino-AmigaInc for permission to release another AmigaOS update, but they blocked it because they were only interested in pushing their new AmigaDE. Only when they realised they had nothing to release for christmas, they would give in.

That may be true of purely 3rd party software but some AmigaOS source was enhanced by 3rd parties like ThoR's layers.library.
These parts have two owners: the owner of the original 3.1 code (who licensed it to H&P) and the external developer who owns the code he wrote (and licensed it to H&P, for inclusion in 3.9).

He supposedly asks "someone" permission to release updates but supposedly retains copyrights on his changes.
To distribute his updated layers.library, Thor needs a license for the original 3.1 code that's still in there. He (or rather H&P) had one when the 3.9 project was still going. Now Thor had to get such a license somewhere else - he asked Hyperion, who gave him one.

Both ThoR and Olsen are still around and seem interested in further AmigaOS updates, or at least bug fixes but the powers that be don't seem interested in the 68k
Actually, Hyperion distributes updated 3.1 Kickstart ROMs now, they are interested in anything that generates money I guess. Cloanto also has a updated 3.1 distribution.

I guess the PPC was being threatened by the Amithlon sales and had to be stopped too?
No, Amithlon died because the two authors (Harald Frank, Bernie Meyer) started disagreeing about who owns/controls what. That quickly turned into a massive mud slinging contest that killed the product and was followed by Frank blocking any attempts by Meyer to create a Amithlon successor free of any Frank code (the project was nicknamed "Umilator").
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