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Originally Posted by Korodny View Post
They actually wrote very little code - pretty much only those things that never made it into AmigaOS 4: IIRC, the new installer used in 3.5+ (which could run on its own screen and pop up pictures while installing) and a few prefs programs which had been rewritten to use a Reaction GUI - that's it.
I didn't think H&P wrote much but included software they already had like WarpOS and Warp3D.

Originally Posted by Korodny View Post
It was the other way round - H&P were the ones paying AInc. H&P were not contracted to do 3.9, they licensed the source and the trademark from AInc so they could develop and market 3.5/3.9 themselves.
Interesting. So did H&P approach Amiga Inc. or did Amiga Inc. approach H&P about doing an AmigaOS update?

Originally Posted by Korodny View Post
The license from AInc was limited to a few years and it was revoked early anyway, due to unpaid royalties and/or disagreements regarding Amithlon's legal status. The licenses from the external developers (for the improvements/new modules they had contributed to 3.5/3.9) all had a limited lifetime aswell and have all expired long ago.
That may be true of purely 3rd party software but some AmigaOS source was enhanced by 3rd parties like ThoR's layers.library. He supposedly asks "someone" permission to release updates but supposedly retains copyrights on his changes. Both ThoR and Olsen are still around and seem interested in further AmigaOS updates, or at least bug fixes but the powers that be don't seem interested in the 68k despite more Amiga interest in the 68k as demonstrated by more 68k Vampire accelerators being sold than PPC hardware. I guess the PPC was being threatened by the Amithlon sales and had to be stopped too?
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