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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
H&P [...] wrote some of the code
They actually wrote very little code - pretty much only those things that never made it into AmigaOS 4: IIRC, the new installer used in 3.5+ (which could run on its own screen and pop up pictures while installing) and a few prefs programs which had been rewritten to use a Reaction GUI - that's it.

I don't believe H&P was ever completely paid under their contract so they probably retain some rights to some of the code
It was the other way round - H&P were the ones paying AInc. H&P were not contracted to do 3.9, they licensed the source and the trademark from AInc so they could develop and market 3.5/3.9 themselves.

The license from AInc was limited to a few years and it was revoked early anyway, due to unpaid royalties and/or disagreements regarding Amithlon's legal status. The licenses from the external developers (for the improvements/new modules they had contributed to 3.5/3.9) all had a limited lifetime aswell and have all expired long ago.

These days, H&P only owns the right to the code that was written in-house (not much, see above).
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