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Originally Posted by HAM6_Video View Post
I would like to convert 720 x 576 video shot at 50 progressive frames into 4096 colour HAM6 format as I've always found the way that the Amiga displays HAM6 images to be very interesting and I like the artifacts and strange colour mapping.
Some people think the same "artifacts and strange colour mapping" looks bad. I guess it has a certain look and feel to it like programmers deliberately adding CRT like distortion, scan lines and old film effects to gfx and videos. I guess this is alright but I'm drawing the line and have to say no to anyone wanting to bring back an interlaced flicker effect .

Originally Posted by HAM6_Video View Post
Is 720 x 576 overscan possible on an ECS machine and from there, is it possible to set up a batch tool that can take each and every frame of the video, convert them into 4096 colour HAM 6 mode and save them, even as single images which I can later stitch back together via a PC?
PAL OSCAN_MAX=724x566 and OSCAN_VIDEO=736x566. ECS supports higher resolutions but most can't do HAM6. AGA hardware should be able to do HAM6 or HAM8 at higher resolutions.

ADPro was good at batch conversions but may not understand all the newer picture formats. SView5 on Aminet may be able to handle it as well as some other gfx software with ARexx ports.

There is the following recent link on this forum about HAM video using HAM frames also.
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