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Help Needed - Is HAM Video Possible?

Hello all, I'm a long-time Amiga owner and have found myself contemplating the various audio and video modes available via the ECS chipset and how to utilise them for a video project I am working on.

I would like to convert 720 x 576 video shot at 50 progressive frames into 4096 colour HAM6 format as I've always found the way that the Amiga displays HAM6 images to be very interesting and I like the artifacts and strange colour mapping.

Is 720 x 576 overscan possible on an ECS machine and from there, is it possible to set up a batch tool that can take each and every frame of the video, convert them into 4096 colour HAM 6 mode and save them, even as single images which I can later stitch back together via a PC?

I'll be running WinUAE so there'll be no real hardware involved.

I know it's a bit of an ask but I did some tests a long time ago and the results were great so it's time to move up to video.
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