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Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
I always thought the filter muffled the audio, so I wondered why it was there. Then again, 8-bit at 8KHz (average) is rather low.
Yes, you are right, the filter will muffle the sound, but what this filter is trying to muffle is stuff that doesn't need to be heard.
So generally speaking, yeah, an Amiga sounds a bit muffled on the high end, a bit "muddy". But so did oldschool 8 and 12 bit samplers like the Mirage or the Emu SP-1200.
If sound samples had to be distorted before they sounded good on Paula, then how did the sound sampler cartridges of the day work?
I don't really understand your question. Yes, the low volume parts, will be grainy/noisy/shitty, even if you sample and playback at the highest rate possible on an Amiga. Yes, resolution and sample rate of the samples has to do with it too.
But even if you had a 16-bit sampler like a Clarity 16, I am inclined to think that as long as you reproduce them with Paula you will run into the same issues.

I'm not a deep tech here, so I cannot give you a more in-depth explanation, but someone on the board like pandy71 would be able to do so if that's what you want.
So don't take my word for it, but I think this is because the Amiga uses pulse width modulation to reproduce audio. Do you have a Raspberry Pi with an audio out? If you do, you can see what I mean. Anything reproduced at top volume will sound OK, but start lowering the volume, and you will hear the problems. The Raspberry Pi has a really crud piezo pwm sound thingy which works in a similar way.
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