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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Why is it there? Sampling at such low resolution brings a shit ton of noise and overtones and a low pass filter makes this issue a bit better.
I always thought the filter muffled the audio, so I wondered why it was there. Then again, 8-bit at 8KHz (average) is rather low.

Try to load a perfect-looking sine wave as an Amiga sample into a tracker and try to make it be heard, it'll be real fucking hard unless you start distorting it until it approaches a pulse more than a sine.
If sound samples had to be distorted before they sounded good on Paula, then how did the sound sampler cartridges of the day work? I had one, and I sampled many movie and TV show clips, and I always figured the poor-to-average quality was down to the 8-bit nature at such low sample rates.
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