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I ended up making a simple command line tool in C# (.net 2.0 or later required) that runs an ARexx script on the emulated Amiga. I'm leaving the link to it here if anybody else wants to use it. You need to set things up on the Amiga side as in my previous post in this thread but select "direct" under the serial dropdown box.

The tool can be used like this:

WinUAEArexx ArexxScript SleepTime Argument1 Argument2 Argument3 ...
SleepTime is defined in milliseconds, my tool is just simply executes the ARexx command and does not care about the response so a sleep time may be needed before closing the connection. All arguments will be sent as strings to the ARexx script.

Originally Posted by Saghalie View Post
Try using WinSCP, it has a rich set of features that you could try.
Thanks! I will consider it for more advanced use cases.
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