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Originally Posted by Gaula92 View Post
@earok: Time Gal Amiga works on the Minimig V1.1 board at a perfect speed, but it hangs after the intro, with the "Get Ready!" letters on screen and a black screen other than the letters... Any clues what could be going on?
The expanded Minimig V1.1 has 2MB Chip RAM and 1.5 Slow RAM. It's as far as it can go in terms of memory...
I have read the README, and it seems it needs only 2MB of Chip RAM, which the Minimig V1.1 has.
I have also tried with no startup-sequence at all (that's how my Minimg V1.1 works usually as I feel fine in AmigaDOS instead of WB), so I think I meet the memory requeriments.
Hmm, that's strange.. this is an actual bug that was supposed to be fixed. Will ask Erik.
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