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thats what i have told you earlier in the thread about opening the sources. os 3.9 in comparison with 3.1 is for a large part clumsy and overblown package of independant patches and contributions. especially that they eventually introduce new bugs and incompatibilities, that would have to be handled by subsequent boing ball packages and individual patches. in result the system needs to patch the kickstart and reboot, which may finally take about a minute alltogether, while the genuine amiga experience is almost instant on.

this whole management mess is fine if the user has means, patience and knowledge to tinker and set his system up. but generally each and every upgrade solution after 1993 was a sort of hack, be it hardware or software.

amiga doesnt need to be like this. the system should install by drag and drop decompressing to a boot drive, work on any configuration out of the box, be simple , up to date and maintainable by the community.
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