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Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
Why did Commodore even PUT filters into the Amiga machines to begin with? I doubt it was an Amiga decision.
I am pretty sure you are wrong in this assumption.
If I am not 100% wrong, the sound hardware design was at least in some way influenced or initiated by Bob Yannes, and when he left C= and went to form Ensoniq, he did the exact same thing on the Mirage, only that instead of a shitty cheap fixed filter, he put in a really nice Curtis controllable low pass filter. The way the Mirage works is very similar to the way the Amiga works.

Why is it there? Sampling at such low resolution brings a shit ton of noise and overtones and a low pass filter makes this issue a bit better.

Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
Amiga sound is perfect, I never hear any "overtones". At best, there is that irritating distortion you get with some lower Khz samples, but that was down to memory constraints.
As said by demolition, even if you don't hear them (are you a spectrum analyzer? ) they are there and don't help, and also the "distortion" you hear is also due to low quality DAC. This is an effect where a low pass filter can help a lot in smoothing it out. The kind of DAC the Amiga has really limits the dynamic range, anything subtle is just a mass of noise. So if you have to sample at a really high volume, an analog low pas filter can help you mellow it out, analogically, without digital artifaction.
That distortion you mention on tha Alcatraz demo, is because someone had to make that bass audible.

Try to load a perfect-looking sine wave as an Amiga sample into a tracker and try to make it be heard, it'll be real fucking hard unless you start distorting it until it approaches a pulse more than a sine.

In brief, the Amiga sound is FAR from perfect, but that isn't necessarily a problem.
If you want to wonder how the AMiga sound hardware could have been with not as many budget restrains put on it, check out Yannes' Mirage and see how far the Amiga sound could be taken with very few differences (mainly an improved frequency response and the controllable, resonant and ultimately expensive Curtis low pass filter)
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