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Originally Posted by Pat the Cat View Post
(Scratches head)

Nope, no claims of ownership, just claims of project management and work done...

... not a dig at 3.9, I never even saw it running or touched a copy of the thing so I cannot really offer an informed opinion on that.

Perhaps one of these days I'll buy a copy and see just what I've been missing...
You can't really tell from that document, but as I understand it, a lot of people were hired to write code for OS3.5 / OS3.9 and Haage Partner got distribution rights but did not own the sources. So unless I get this thing wrong, there are inddividuals out there who still own their IP so no single company owns the right to everything that is OS3.9

I'm sure you've ran across a "whats new in OS 3.9 -list" like this?

If you ask me, OS3.9, (while modernizing the Amiga OS experience (anno 2002) and in many cases simply updating the codebase so it would compile on more common compilers as we heard in stories from Olaf Barthel) is kind of a leap away from the elegant simplicity of 3.1
In fact, just the other day I decided to update my aging install on the A1200 by doing a clean OS3.9 install on PFS (Professional File System -allowing partitions bigger than 4GB)
I did the the whole process from WinUAE and it took a bunch of hours to set everything up.. but while most stuff worked, screen prefs crashed every time I tried to start it for some reason then minutes later the whole thing froze, and now I think the whole CF card went corrupt and is no longer recognized. Sigh...
OS3.1 you can easily install from floppies on a real Amiga from CLI without installer disk and it just works. Most of the crap in OS3.9 you can add later form Aminet. ;-)
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