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Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
Doesn't the Creative Sound Blaster (or GUS or any PC sound card) work along similar principles on playing back samples at different sampling rates?

In all, I've always been impressed by Paula, but for someone to come along and say it wasn't as good as it should've been is an insult to Jay Miner and the other Amiga engineers.
Yes, other sound cards (all DACs) work along the same principles, however SB does not do HW sample playback at different sample rates as far as I know. It is all mixed in software, so the end quality is very much dependent on the playback routines used in the SW. GUS can do it in HW, and if you compare the GUS sound to Paula, you can hear that the GUS has a cleaner sound with fewer overtones because the filtering is more accurate/correct.

I'm sure that no Amiga engineers would be insulted by me calling Paula imperfect because they were fully aware of that when they designed it. Nothing is perfect and the product they ended up with was a result of various compromises which they thought provided the best overall performance, and it so happened that many people liked the choices they made. This is how all engineering works, even serious stuff like the space shuttle program was littered with compromises and imperfect solutions.
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