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Whoa, I didn't realise there had been this many replies, so sorry about the tardy response.


@Havie Yeah I kind of thought it was meant to be Godzilla. I know that stage is millions of years in the past but Dinosaurs didn't shoot lazers, so..

@Gaula92 As Tsak said "68020" was indeed more a recommendation than a hard requirement, while I was doing some testing on WinUAE it seemed to run noticeably slower on 68000 (though I didn't test this extensively, so I could be wrong on this point)

@SoloKazuki @AmigaJay
I have been considering investigating (certainly not any time soon) doing a higher definition edition: AGA only (HAM8), maybe slightly bigger display and a better framerate.

- I don't have any such "real" Amiga capable of playing it, so difficult to test etc
- It would indeed be incompatible with the CD32 (mainly because the CD drive is already streaming back data as fast as it can)
- The project almost fills up a CD as it is, so maybe unless I ditch the mirrored levels it'd be HDD only.

To be clear it is not CDXL video. It is my own format that resembles CDXL in some ways (eg a whole bunch of uncompressed frames jammed together with audio information), but the files consist of 1.5 second long "buffers" to keep the game running smoothly even if there's a minor lag on the disc drive (this is why it takes a second and a half to load a level or a death scene on a CD32), whereas CDXL basically just streams from disc (and can have distorted graphics and audio if the drive isn't reading perfectly)

@Saimon69 I don't know anything about missing texts either? My port of course only shows one option as a time (most overlay the options on the main screen, which I can't do because of my use of HAM6 video)

I guess I could maybe look at putting the text in an external file so everyone can do a fan translation to any language..
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