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Originally Posted by Gaula92 View Post
@earok: any chances of a plain-68000 executable, please??
We on the Minimig (Amiga hardware on FPGA) side of things have FAST plain-68000 CPUs with ECS chipsets that outperform plain 68020 by a great margin, so even if plain-68000 the game would be fullspeed on our Amigas.
The game is already OCS/ECS compatible. You can play it on plain 68000 -no problem- as long as you have the required chip ram. 68020 is just a recommendation for the performance alone.

Originally Posted by Solo Kazuki View Post
I have "opposite" question to above. If game requires 68020, is planned AGA version (256 colours or HAM8)?
No, 256/HAM8 performance is a bit of an issue on unexpanded machines. An enhanced version is not planned in the near future but we'll see

Originally Posted by Amigajay View Post
The CDXL Earok has used is already AGA enhanced, you wouldn't get CDXL this higher quality on a CDTV.
No AGA enhancements here. We've used either 32 color screens, EHB screens and HAM6 for the in-game videos. As mentioned above the game is full OCS/ECS compatible.

Originally Posted by saimon69 View Post
Ok so if Earok need some help for the time stop options translation and if he need a mod for the static intro i can offer
Time stop options translation? All texts are already in English, am I missing something?
Thanx for the offer though
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