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Let me elaborate:

A while ago, I created a configuration for an A1200 spec to use HDDs, for WHDLoad. Naturally, it had the A1200 audio filter, but then I took that same configuration and saved it again under "Host" so I could use it for the host configuration on Quickstart. Now I find I'm using an A500 or A600 (selected from Quickstart) and the A1200 audio filter is being used on it.

1. I've done a listening check of both and I don't really hear any difference. Is there really any? Would it be better to use the A1200 filter on A500 or A600?
2. How does the host configuration load on Quickstart? It seems that selecting an Amiga model only changes the Hardware settings, although it seems that some Host settings (like filter) are changed too. Is that right?
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