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Bernd what I've seen now is that copying that icon (it's on my post 25) to Env too, then iconifying ModExplorer you won't see the icon... but you will if you make a right click on screen, "Icons", "Reset" (then you can of course snapshot it).

BUT I see it isn't necessary the icon in Env too. That rare icon always appears with an "Icons-Reset". And I think that -surely- this only happens with DOpus5. I have seen this behaviour happening with the GlobalTrash icon and it wasn't using AfAOS but just DOpus5/AGA. An Icons-Reset and later a snapshot solves that. In my opinion the icon position was stored in the icon info out of the visible screen and then the icon needs that reset to be moved inside and then a snapshot to be repositioned. Also, for somebody else trying it, they could be using Workbench or a larger screenmode that wouldn't show the problem, that's what I believe.

It wasn't the case with the icon dissapearing because of the AHI settings when using RTG, it wasn't appearing with Icons-Reset.

Edit: So, for me it's ok with what we've seen with ModExplorer so far. Any problem with a def icon can be fixed and in any case I will use another, and the problem with RTG and AHI on WinUAE will get fixed with my script on AKReal. It is supossed that the icon works iconified if you use a real RTG.

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