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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
Pentium G3258. [...] the single-thread performance is close to [..] i7
Listen! He is informed.

However, laptops have their own set of CPUs. We're not really talking 'rig build advice' if you insist it must be a laptop, because you must select a finished product. Each make has their own special brand of CPU choking.

But it's still the case that only CPU matters, and only single-thread performance. That's regarding emulation in general and Amiga emulation specifically.

As for how well WinUAE runs AmigaOS 4 on top of emulating an Amiga is really up to the respective devs. AmigaOS 4 might be tuned to run well on hardware; WinUAE might be optimized really well to emulate hardware and still run into some things neither have thought of.

Remember also that resolution is a deciding factor in performance. Twice the number of pixels, half the performance (or less).

Anyway, /rant. Everyone here knows all this
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