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Re: Re: UAE compiled on Blackrhino Linux (PS2) :)

Originally posted by Pyromania
Good job Seti, I think I mentioned a long time ago it would be possible to get UAE working on PS2 Linux and several people did not believe me.


Thank you,

I`m not the only one, UAE had been ported to the
Dreamcast, Xbox... Before I started thinking about the PS2..

Making it work on the PS2, this was'nt easy..
I had help... Special drivers had to be created...

PS2 Keyboard/Mouse/Joypad -- Works

Memcards. -- Games can boot (7.8 Megs of storge)

USB Slots, -- Limited, Plans for USB floppy, Printer Etc

Ethernet adapter -- Works well (np)

PS2 Harddrive -- FileSystem problems... ?being worked on?

(PS2 controller) Right stick moves the mouse pointer
etc, can be used in games to like a normal ami joystick.

Games can be saved to memcard and booted from

I've burnt I copy onto Cdrom and called it PS2UAE.
This will run on any ps2, along as its mod chiped to skip the
boot ID...
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