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Keyboard Mapping Again...

Me and my brothers are trying to play a game called BugBomber..
(it's possible to play 4 at a time)

But when we trie to play four players we use a setup like this in BB:

P1 - Joystick 1 (mapped from winUae to PC Joystic)
P2 - BB key Left (Mapped in BB to Amiga Arrows)
P3 - BB key Right (Mapped in BB to Amiga a,s,d,w)
P4 - Joystick 2 (mapped from winUae to keyboardlayout "A" (Numpad))

But it realy sucks to play on the numpad (player 4)..
Because it's mapped like this:

up 8
down 2 ??
left 4
right 6
"fire" 5 ??

because down is 2 and not 5, and "fire" is 5 and not Numpad_Enter (or something).... It's almost imosible to do quick maneuvers on the keypad (and you loose the game)...

Is there anyway you can remap the default keymaps ("A","B","C")
so i can fix this problem.... Or will it be added in a new release (I would really appriciate it)....
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